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Soil Organic Carbon (WISE_SOC)

Short title: 
Purpose and use: 
Estimation of the global soil organic carbon stock using the ISRIC WISE soil profile data;
Programming environment: 
R / S language
Status of work: 
Tested on a MS Windows machine only
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The maps presented in this exercise were created for demonstration purposes only. The true accuracy/consistency of these maps has not been evaluated and is heavily controlled by the representativeness of the sampling pattern and accuracy of individual measurements (refer to the ISRIC WISE general disclaimer). To run this script, you first need to register and obtain the MS Access file from the ISRIC website. Note that this is a relatively large data set and computations can become time-consuming. It is not recommended to run this exercise using a PC without at least 4 GB of RAM and at least 5 GB of hard disk memory.