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Modelling population change (jablpchinja)

Short title: 
Purpose and use: 
Modelling population dynamics as a function of environmental factors in the south Serbia (Jablanica/Pchinja district)
Programming environment: 
R / S language
Status of work: 
Tested on a MS Windows machine only
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inputs: admin_poly.shp - administrative boundaries for Jablanica/Pchinja district; populated_poly.shp - polygon map showing populated areas; environmental gridded maps dist1.asc - distance to main roads, dist2.asc - distance to secondary roads, srtm_dem.tif - SRTM DEM (100 m), evi_2002.tif - MODIS EVI index for year 2002 (summer); igbp_2002.tif - MODIS (MCD12Q1) estimated Land Cover Type 1 (IGBP)

outputs: predicted population dynamics;