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"...Probably the only shared characteristic would be that these are things you can’t really get unmotivated people to grasp, but if someone is motivated, they’ll find their way in somehow. And enjoy it, after all, it is supposed to be fun, isn’t it?"

— Roger Bivand, Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration

from the interview with Roger Bivand by Miguel Eduardo Gil Biraud

"Few days ago I have received copies of my book from Lulu.com. The prints are really impressive! If I think about it - Lulu never gave me any physical training about how to make a book cover, how to optimize the cost/readability balance etc; I only followed instructions on their website and submitted the document myself; and now I am looking at prints which are exactly what I would expect from a professional publisher."

— Tomislav Hengl, University of Amsterdam

"From a period in which geographic information systems, and later geocomputation and geographical information science, have been agenda setters, there seems to be interest in trying things out, in expressing ideas in code, and in encouraging others to apply the coded functions in teaching and applied research settings."

— Roger Bivand, Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration

Bivand, R., 2006. Implementing Spatial Data Analysis Software Tools in R. Geographical Analysis 38: 23-40

"Just a short word of congratulation about the open-source book project you launched yesterday; this is exactly the idea I have of the word ‘research’ (especially as a free-software advocate myself!), will try to help as much as possible."

— Pierre Roudier, Australian Centre for Precision Agriculture, The University of Sydney

"I've been looking at your book - I think it provides nice introductions to some important topics. I'm impressed that it's free!"

— Chris Lloyd, School of Geography, Queen’s University Belfast

"Hi Tom. I have uploaded some comments on your book. You should check if you are able to run the code on upgraded versions of R. Otherwise fine, nice set of full-scale examples."

— Roger Bivand, Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration

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