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Would you like to help me improve this book? This build-in browser uses the www.scribd.com iPaper application, which allows you to read this document in a more efficient way. You can then insert comments either in the document or by inserting comments via this website (please refer to Page/Line numbers as indicated in this PDF). This will help me improve the book and reduce errata as much as possible. Note also that lulu.com (unlike most commercial publishers) allows users to revise existing PDF documents in the system so that each new print will have less and less errors. However, please have in mind that there are limitiations in the sense of how much in the book can be changed: (1) title, author and number of pages in the book can not be changed; (2) figures and tables need to stay in the same order; and (3) no major changes in the structure of the documents is possible any more. All major editions and redisings will have to wait for the next edition.

Current version is e2c1.

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