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Upcoming training courses (R+OSGeo for spatio-temporal data analysis)

Regular courses/meetings

People in Academia running courses on R

Geostat 5-DAY training courses


The author of this website regularly organizes (with a group of colleagues: Gerard B.M. Heuvelink, Edzer Pebesma, Victor Olaya Ferrero, Roger Bivand, Olaf Conrad) a 5-days training course entitled "Spatio-temporal data analysis with R + SAGA + Google Earth". The objective of the course is to provide training to junior researchers interested to use R-based tools for analysis of spatially and temporally referenced data. The course is non-commercial, which implies that none of the lecturers is contracted or will receive any financial awards. The course consists of a balanced combination of theoretical and practical training and includes a one-day workshop where each participant can present their case studies and receive a valuable feedback.

To receive a notice about this summer school, please subscribe to the R-sig-geo mailing list, or send an e-mail to the course organizer, or insert a discussion point via this wiki.

The GEOSTAT 2011 summer school was held in IES Koblenz-Landau, Germany.

Figure: GEOSTAT 2011 Summer School, University of Koblenz-Landau, 25 July - 29 July 2011.
Figure: GEOSTAT 2010 Summer School, UNEX Plasencia, 27 June - 4 July 2010.
Figure: GEOSTAT 2009 Summer School, MEDILS Split, 3-10 May 2009.
Figure: GEOSTAT 2008 course for PhD students, University of Belgrade, 16-22 December 2008.
Figure: GEOSTAT 2008 Summer School, University of Amsterdam, 25-30 August 2008.
Figure: GEOSTAT 2007 School, Facolta di Agraria Napoli, 29.01-03.02.2007.

Teach-your-self literature

  1. Beginners:
  2. Spatial data analysis/visualization in R:
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