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Books and monographs

Papers in review / press

  • Hengl, T; Mendes de Jesus, J.; MacMillan, R.A.; Batjes, N.H.; Heuvelink, G.B.M.; Ribeiro, E.; Samuel-Rosa, A.; Kempen, B.; Leenaars, J.G.B.; Walsh, M.G.; Ruiperez Gonzalez, M.; 2014. SoilGrids1km — global soil information based on automated mapping. PLOS One, in press.
  • Kilibarda, M.; Hengl, T.; E.; Tadic, M. P., Lukovic, J. & Bajat, B., 2014? Publicly available global meteorological data sets: sources, representation, and usability for spatio-temporal analysis. International Journal of Climatology, in review.
  • Hengl, T., Roudeir, P., Beaudette, D., Pebesma, E., 2014? plotKML: Scientific Visualization of Spatio-Temporal Data. Journal of Statistical Software, special issue Spatial and spatio-temporal data, in press.

Papers published in refereed journals / book sections

Conference proceedings

On-line materials

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