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Meuse data set

Short title: 

The meuse is a classical geostatistical data set used frequently by the creator of the gstat package to demonstrate various geostatistical analysis steps. The point data set consists of 155 samples of top soil heavy metal concentrations (ppm), along with a number of soil and landscape variables. The samples were collected in a flood plain of the river Meuse, near the village Stein. This zip files contains additional gridded maps (2-40 m resolution), which are used in the exercise 'First steps'.

Available layers: 
  1. ahn — digital elevation model (in cm) obtained from the LiDAR survey of the Netherlands;
  2. dist — distance to river Meuse (in metres).
  3. ffreq — flooding frequency classes: (1) high flooding frequency, (2) medium flooding frequency, (3) no flooding;
  4. soil — map showing distribution of soil types, following the Dutch classification system: (1) Rd10A, Rd90C-VIII, (3) Rd10C (de Fries et al., 2003);
  5. topomap2m — a 2 m resolution topo map of the area;
Part of the 1:50k soil map for the meuse case study
Spatial structure: 
  • columns     : 78
  • rows        : 104
  • min. X      : 178440
  • max. X      : 181560
  • min. Y      : 329600
  • max. Y      : 333760
  • resolution  : 2-40


52° 0' 13.5288" N, 4° 46' 22.5228" E
Data owner: 

Wageningen University and Research / Rijkswaterstaat

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