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Barro Colorado Island 50 ha plot grids

Short title: 

Barro Colorado Island 50 Hectare Plot Data set (Panama) that contains about 2 million records --- complete inventory of all plant species and numerous plant and environmental attributes for six time periods. Here can be obtained 13 auxiliary grids (soil parameters, DEM parameters) that can be used to improve spatial distribution modelling of sampled species.

Available layers: 
  1. convi.asc - Convergence Index (Search Radius) with direction to the center cell (derived in SAGA GIS);
  2. Cu.asc - Interpolated Cu content (mg/kg of soil) in the surface soil;
  3. dem.asc - 5 m resolution elevation model;
  4. devmean.asc - Deviation from mean value in 15 pixels search radius (derived in SAGA GIS);
  5. difmean.asc - Difference from the mean value in 15 pixels search radius (derived in SAGA GIS);
  6. grad.asc - Slope gradient in %;
  7. K.asc - Interpolated K content (mg/kg of soil) in the surface soil;
  8. mrvbf.asc - MRVBF index (derived in SAGA GIS);
  9. Nmin.asc - Mineralization needs for N (mg/kg of soil) after a 30-day incubation period;
  10. P.asc - Interpolated P content (mg/kg of soil) in the surface soil;
  11. pH.asc - Interpolated pH content in the surface soil;
  12. solar.asc - Incoming mean annual solar radiation (derived in SAGA GIS);
  13. twi.asc - SAGA Topographic Wetness Index;
Location of the Barro Colorado Island in Panama
Spatial structure: 
  • NCOLS 201
  • NROWS 101
  • XLLCORNER -2.500000
  • YLLCORNER -2.500000
  • CELLSIZE 5.000000
9° 9' 4.5" N, 79° 51' 19.08" W
Data owner: 

Center for Tropical Forest Science of the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute

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