How to export data

To export maps, tables, histograms or coordinate systems, you can use ILWIS Export.

When you wish to export multiple files, it is advised to use the ILWIS command line or an ILWIS script. Export expressions are described in Appendices : ILWIS script language (syntax), section Export expressions.

Exporting data using ILWIS Export

You can use ILWIS Export to export ILWIS map lists, maps, tables and histograms to the following packages and formats:


Arc/Info ASCII (.ASC), Erdas .GIS .LAN (.GIS, .LAN), IDA images (.IMG), Idrisi maps (.DOC/.IMG), ILWIS 1.4, ILWIS ASCII (.ASC), TIFF images, including GeoTIFF extensions (.TIF), and Windows bitmaps (.BMP).


Arc/Info E00 (.E00), Arc/Info ASCII vector (.LIN), Arc/Info ASCII vector (.PTS), Arc/View Shape files (.SHP, SHX, DBF), Atlas segments (.BNA), AutoCad (.DXF), ILWIS ASCII segments (.SMT), ILWIS version 1.4, ILWIS version 2, InfoCam (.SEQ).


dBase III/IV table (.DBF), dBase SDF table (.SDF), Delimited ASCII Text (.TXT), ILWIS 1.4, ILWIS 2.

Histogram: dBase III/IV table (.DBF), dBase SDF table (.SDF), Delimited ASCII Text (.TXT).

Coordinate system:


To start exporting single maps, tables, histograms and coordinate systems using ILWIS export:

The Export dialog box will be opened; select the file you wish to export and the Export Format.

To export (multiple) maps, tables and all other objects that are internally stored as a table, to one of the formats listed above you can also type expressions on the command line or create a script containing one or more export expressions. For more information, see Appendices : ILWIS script language (syntax), section ILWIS Export.

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